Samruddham Multimedia offerings online classes include:

1] Acting
2] Direction
3] Editing
4] Camera
5] Photography
6] Dubbing
7] Screenwriting
8] Film making

Duration: 2 Months,  2 days a week, 1 hour a day.

Fees: [each course] Rs. 9999/-

With Samruddham Multimedia’s Online Workshops, learn how to become a professional from the comfort of your own home and computer or mobile.

Samruddham Multimedia’s online classes are active creative learning experiences where you will participate in every class, interact with your teacher and classmates, and create original work.

Each course includes live interactive instruction, group meetings, and additional one-on-one consultations with the instructor. As with our on-campus instruction, classes are kept small to allow for optimal teacher-student interaction, critique, and discussion of creative work. For each one hour of interactive in-class instruction, you will engage in one hour of studio work outside of class to complete projects and exercises.

Acting syllabus

1] Acting methods 2] Make belief 3] Elements of acting 4] Action Reactions problems & solutions 5] Diction & language 6] Voice culture 7] Pitch play 8] Voice modulation & variation 9] Body language (theater workshop) 10] Imagination exercises 11] Story Telling 11] Sense memory 12] Reaction timing 13] Improvisations 14] Theory of emotions (Nav rasas) 15] Speech learning 16] Monologues preparation & practice 17] Characterization 18] Scene work 19] Camera scene taking process 20] Camera acting system 21] Dubbing process 22] Audition approach & practice.